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Experience Live Art

Art is a great spectator activity!  Attending the theater, art exhibits, poetry readings, storytelling events, or concerts are a great way to bring the benefits of art into aging. Research tells us that “by passively engaging in the arts, older adults experienced significantly higher quality of life, better perceived health and greater social connectedness as compared with non-art attendees. “ (Hau Yan Ho et al, 2019)

In this section, check out “Now Playing Utah”, the state's comprehensive statewide calendar of events. Find additional tips for viewing art in your community, and the latest research in passive arts engagement. 

Now Playing Utah  allows you to search by date, location, category, venue, artist and more. Not only that, but NowPlayingUtah also provides easy access to dates, times, maps and direct links for purchasing tickets

Research on Passive Arts Engagement

Arts for Aging Well: A Propensity Score Matching Analysis of the Effects of Arts Engagement on Holistic Well-Being Among Older Asian Adults Aove 50 Years of Age

(Hau Yan Ho, 2019) Passive engagement in the arts was a significant independent predictor of better quality of life , health perceptions , mental health, spiritual well-being and interpersonal support.

“Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between receptive arts engagement and loneliness among older adults”

(Tymuszuk, 2019). Frequent engagement with certain receptive arts activities and venues, particularly museums, galleries and exhibitions, may be a protective factor against loneliness in older adults.

“Cultural engagement predicts changes in cognitive function in older adults over a 10 year period: findings from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing”

(Fancourt, 2018)  This study demonstrated that going to exhibitions (such as an art gallery or museum) and going to live performances (such as the theater, a concert or the opera) could have benefits for both memory and semantic fluency amongst those of higher and lower cognitive status at baseline, independent of a range of potential demographic, health-related and activity-related variables. 

Last Updated: 3/2/22