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When it Comes to Life's Challenges, Innovation Wins out Every Time.

I’m finding that aging with a disability is one tough deal. We all slow down as we age, because we lose neurons in our spinal cord, which according to my physiatrist, is a “normal” part of the aging process. The problem is, I have fewer working neurons to begin with due to my spinal cord injury, so age is hitting me hard.

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The Music is Still There

when words fail music speaks

When the world shut down in March of 2020, for a while live music stopped, too. Those who were in the business of making music for a living no longer had an audience to play for, an orchestra to play in or to conduct, a Broadway Musical or a church to sing in, a concert tour to go on, performers to write music for.

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False Assumptions about Gray Hair, Hearing Aids and Memory

Hearing Aids

I stopped coloring my hair because I was tired of spending the time and the money on doing it, and because I didn’t think I was fooling anyone about my true age. It was a sudden change from one week to the next.

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Thinking of Getting an E-Bike? Let's Talk About That.


With warmer weather and dry roads springing up everywhere, I’m seeing a ton of people out on bikes. It’s great. I’m a cyclist from way back. I was able to keep riding even after breaking my neck. There’s nothing better than spinning along the road on two wheels—or heading up a mountain trail, if you have the strength and balance. The scenery, the wind in the face, the endorphins are all to be enjoyed.

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If I Didn't Laugh...

Marti's Father

When Abraham Lincoln laughed at something during the Civil War, he is rumored to have been criticized for it, and in response he said, “If I didn’t laugh, I would surely cry.” Those of you who are caregivers, either professionally or for a loved one, know that can be true of us, too. If we only see the serious side of things, what is happening can sometimes seem unbearable.

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Last Updated: 5/28/21