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Employment Resources

There are many factors that are leading to America’s change in perspective about the way that the country thinks about age and work. The downturn of the economy, shifting perceptions of retirement, increased workplace flexibility, and the aging of the “baby boom” generation are all contributing to people working longer. Employers can benefit from employing older adult workers because they are often more skilled due to many years of experience, they have large networks, and they are reliable workers. Older adults can benefit from employment because there are financial benefits of working longer, workplace friendships combat social isolation, and it can give them a sense of purpose. Employers can implement workplace practices that can benefit all workers, make good business sense, and retain the talents of the skilled workers who fall into the older adult category.

UCOA Policy Position:

UCOA wants Utah’s older adults to have access to resources that support them in their search for new or continued employment opportunities. UCOA affirms that employment opportunities for older adults are available and can be made more accessible to benefit both employees and employers and lead to positive outcomes for both groups. 

Last Updated: 3/1/23