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Statutory Duties

Education / Coordination of Services / Public Meetings

  1. Increase public and government understanding of the current and future needs of the state's aging population and how those needs may be most effectively and efficiently met;
  2. Facilitate coordination of the functions of public and private entities concerned with the aging population;
  3. Provide a forum for public comment on issues related to aging;
  4. Provide public information on the aging population and the services available to the aging population;
  5. Facilitate the provision of services to the aging population from the public and private sectors;


  1. Study, evaluate, and report on the projected impact that the state's increasing aging population will have on: government services; health services; social services; the economy; and society in general;
  2. Study, evaluate, and report on the status and effectiveness of policies, procedures, and programs that provide services to the aging population;
  3. Study and evaluate the policies, procedures, and programs implemented by other states that address the needs of the aging population;
  4. Facilitate and conduct the research and study of issues related to aging;
  5. Request and receive from any state or local governmental agency or institution, summary information relating to the aging population, including reports, audits, projections, and statistics;

Policy / Legislative

  1. Identify and recommend implementation of specific policies, procedures, and programs to respond to the needs and impact of the aging population relating to: government services; health services; social services; the economy; and society in general;
  2. Encourage state and local governments to analyze, plan, and prepare for the impacts of the aging population on services and operations;

Commission Operation

  1. Apply for and accept grants or donations for uses consistent with the duties of the commission from public or private sources;
  2. Appoint special committees to advise and assist the commission;
  3. Prepare and publish a report directed to the Governor and Executive Appropriations Committee of the Legislature, describing how the commission fulfilled its statutory purposes and duties during the year; and containing recommendations on how the state should act to address issues relating to the aging population; and
  4. Hold bimonthly Commission meetings.
Last Updated: 5/24/18