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Medication Management

Medications include prescription drugs, herbal remedies, vitamins and over-the-counter drugs. It is important that your doctor and pharmacist know all the medications and the amounts of each that you are taking. Some medicines or combinations of medicines have side effects that make you feel drowsy, dizzy, or light-headed.  These may cause you to lose your balance or feel unsteady on your feet.


Resources for Medication Management

Avoiding Overmedication and Harmful Drug Reactions

This guide contains helpful tips for managing medication, including questions to ask your healthcare provider.

Ask the Right Questions and Get the Most From Your Medications

The AARP information contains tips on how to keep track of your medications wisely for good health and safety.

Common Medications that Increase Your Risk of Falling

The table lists examples of medications that may increase one's risk for falling. This list is not all inclusive but shows examples from several common medications that may increase one's risk.


Last Updated: 2/21/22