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If you have an interest in participating in any of the following committees, please contact the UGS Board at

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the current Officers of the Corporation. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to act for and on behalf of the Board of Directors.  However, the Executive Committee may not nullify or modify any previous action of the Board. The Executive Committee ensures  that UGS is providing professional educational opportunities and advocating for the older adults of the community especially vulnerable populations. This advocacy effort would follow guidelines consistent with rules and limitations for a non-profit organization.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall consist of at least three (3) persons selected by the Board of Directors from among active UGS members and should include at least one (1) member of the Board of Directors.  The Committee shall designate its own chairperson. Members of this committee will actively promote UGS, present to organizations who may have individuals interested in joining, and recruit individuals in the geriatrics and gerontology community. The membership committee will also coordinate with educational programs which have students interested in gerontology and develop student membership as well.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by the current Vice Chairperson and shall convene each summer to determine the slate of candidates for the fall election to the Board of Directors and Principal Officers of the Corporations.  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the Annual Meeting from the Members. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be in writing, signed by the Chairperson of the Committee, and shall be delivered to the President prior to the Annual Meeting of the Members.  Ten (10) days prior to the election date, the UGS office will send notification to the membership for the General Membership Meeting, or may deliver by email a written ballot with a slate of officers and board of directors.  New officers and directors will assume office on the first day of January following the annual meeting.

Educational Program and Conference Committee

The Educational Program Committee shall be selected from the membership of UGS, and will include one or more members of the Board of Directors.  The Educational Program Committee shall have the responsibility for planning and conducting any and all of the educational programs directed by the Board of Directors and all activities associated with such programs. Responsibilities include developing short and long-term goals for membership education based on current trends and research in the field as well as needs in the local community. More specifically, the professional education committee will coordinate speakers, venues, participants, plan and coordinate continuing professional education opportunities for membership and the UGS annual conference.




Last Updated: 1/31/22