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We’ve all been punched in the face. Time to counterpunch.

woman practicing boxingThere’s no doubt it’s been a crappy year, even though it looks like things are starting to look up.

We’ve all been battered by a microorganism we can’t even see.  Businesses have shut down, people have lost jobs, we’ve all been isolated from loved ones…and so on.   Pretty rough, huh?

Personally, I’m losing my ability to walk.   My aging spinal cord injury is deteriorating even more, so I’m using crutches now and a wheelchair is right around the corner.   

Yeah, all of the above sucks and it has been rough.  But it’s nothing compared to what Jon Morrow has been through—and thrived. 

Jon is a millionaire blogger and writer, who can’t move anything but his face.  He was born with muscular dystrophy and grew up in a wheelchair.  But he’s one brilliant dude and his courage is beyond belief.

What follows is a piece he wrote about life’s lessons, and his approach to adversity.  It’s a must-read and very timely, so I’ve put a link to his article. 

His story is mesmerizing and you will be inspired, I promise.  Be forewarned, there’s some rough language, but it’s worth a cringe or two.   He also weaves what is a mostly inaccurate image of nursing homes, but it’s his take, real or not.

He’s a masterful writer, so read on and enjoy.

Read Jon's Story

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Last Updated: 12/5/23