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Guest Writers Blog

This blog presents the ideas and creative thinking of some of Utah's talented older adult writers. Their submissions are to inform and entertain, not to present policy or opinion positions of the Utah Commission on Aging.  Enjoy. 

Grandma Guilt

Dennis with grandkids

Probably most people reading this—grandma or grandpa—adore their grandchildren. You anxiously awaited the birth of the first one and now you can’t see them nearly often enough to suit you. Oh, I know the old saying, “It’s great to have them come, and it’s great to have them go home.” But if the other grandparents I know are to be believed, their grandchildren are the light of their eyes and their grandchildren adore them! But I have no idea how many of you actually feel guilt about their grandparenting or lack thereof.

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When is Age Just a Number?

woman who looks confused

“Age is just a number” is a common saying among seniors. It’s said to us and by us. It’s sometimes meant to encourage us to do things we think we’re “too old to do,” or to justify things we are doing that others think people of a certain age really are too old to do. It can refer to the way we dress, the people we associate with, the places we travel, the cars we drive, the things that are still on our bucket list, ETC.

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When Do You Know Everything?

Vector Image of ideas coming out of a head

You’re 18; you’re finally an adult; you think you know everything. You’ve graduated from high school (which was probably the hardest thing you will ever have to go through), and you’ve reached the moment that you’ve always dreamt of: adulthood. Now you can live your dream life, and you will finally be happy…

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Downsizing a Home is a Sizeable Task

The view from the writes current house

The time has come to downsize and move out of our home. It’s something we should have done five years ago, but procrastination came into play, mostly due to the one-of-a kind view we have from our backyard deck. The expansive 180-degree panorama includes West Valley, the airport, downtown Salt Lake City, the state capitol, University of Utah campus, Mt. Olympus, and Big Cottonwood Canyon. All in one turn of the head.

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International Travel "...while I still have my health."

Street Square in Europe

If you’re retired or looking forward to the time when you will be, you’ve probably said there are things you want to do “while I still have my health.” I’ve been retired for almost 12 years, and I’m still saying it. However, I recently learned that “We don’t know what we don’t know” can apply to the degree of physical health and stamina we still have, as well as to our mental abilities, especially when it comes to international travel.

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Last Updated: 11/18/21